My bookHegel on Second Nature in Ethical Life (Cambridge University Press, 2017) concerns habit and reflection in Hegel’s practical philosophy.  The author-meets-critics session from the Eastern APA in January 2019, with responses by Dean Moyar and Mark Alznauer, is published in the SGIR Review.

I am currently at work on a project about Hegel’s concept of experience (Erfahrung), its role in the later chapters of the Phenomenology of Spirit, and its relevance to other parts of Hegel’s system, especially the Science of Logic.  I am also interested in connections to feminist standpoint theory.

Selected Publications:

Hegel’s Real Habits (European Journal of Philosophy) [pdf]

Human Beings as Ends-In-Themselves in Hegel’s Philosophy of History (Review of Metaphysics) [pdf]

Hegel on Passion in History (International Yearbook of German Idealism) [pdf]

Hegel’s Anthropology (Oxford Handbook of Hegel) [pdf]

Book Reviews:

Review of Rahel Jaeggi’s Critique of Forms of Life (Mind) [pdf]

Review of Allen Wood’s The Free Development of Each (European Journal of Philosophy) [pdf]