My first bookHegel on Second Nature in Ethical Life (Cambridge University Press, 2017) presents a notion of habit that explains why it occupies a central place in Hegel’s practical philosophy and how it can coexist with reflection at various levels, ranging from cultural participation, social criticism, to philosophical comprehension.  The author-meets-critics session from the Eastern APA in New York in January 2019, with responses by Dean Moyar and Mark Alznauer, is published in the SGIR Review.  It has also been reviewed by Italo Testa in the European Journal of Philosophy and by Jeremy Dunham in the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology.

I am currently writing a book, tentatively titled Learning from Experience, which addresses Hegel’s conception of social experience in his Phenomenology of Spirit, specifically in the Spirit-chapter.  I am interested in what Hegel means by experience in social contexts, how experience contributes to historical learning processes in the second half of the Phenomenology, and to what extent experience depends on socially situated standpoints.  I am also exploring the uses that Hegel’s conception of social experience can have for standpoint theory.   In connection with this project, I am working on a series of papers on Hegel in relation to topics in feminist philosophy.

Selected Publications:

“American Idealists: Redrawing the Social Order,” forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of American and British Women Philosophers in the Nineteenth Century (ed. Lydia Moland and Alison Stone). [pdf]

“Hegel’s Real Habits,” European Journal of Philosophy 27:4 (December 2019), 882 – 897, Early View: 10.1111/ejop.12451. [pdf]

“Human Beings as Ends-In-Themselves in Hegel’s Philosophy of History,” Review of Metaphysics 73 (December 2019), 227 – 254. [pdf]

“Hegel on Passion in History,” International Yearbook of German Idealism: Psychology, ed. Dina Emundts and Sally Sedgwick, 15 (December 2019), 143 – 166. [pdf]

“Hegel’s Anthropology,” in Oxford Handbook of Hegel, ed. Dean Moyar (Oxford University Press: 2017). [pdf]

Book Reviews:

“Lived Freedom in Critical Theory: On Todd Hedrick’s Reconciliation and Reification” (June 2020), European Journal of Philosophy 28(2), 518-523 [pdf]

Review of Rahel Jaeggi’s Critique of Forms of Life, Mind 129:513 (January 2020), 283 – 290, Early View: [pdf]

Review of Allen Wood’s The Free Development of Each, European Journal of Philosophy 25:4 (2017) [pdf]

Papers in Progress:

“No Utopia: Hegel on the Gendered Division of Labor,” for Hegel’s Philosophy of Right: Critical Perspectives on Freedom and History, conference and volume (ed. Dean Moyar, Kate Padgett Walsh, and Sebastian Rand)

“Erotic Desire in Hegel’s Phenomenology,” for Hegel’s Legacy: First Nature in Social Philosophy, conference and volume (ed. Thimo Heisenberg and Gal Katz)

“Hegel’s Circles: Self-Surprise in Subjective Logic,” commissioned for a special issue of the Hegel Bulletin on Hegel and Teleology (ed. James Kreines and Edgar Maraguat)

“Hegel and Plato on How to Become Good” (with Oksana Maksymchuk), commissioned for a special issue of the British Journal for the History of Philosophy on Post-Kantian Practical Philosophy